May I introduce myself:


My name is Thei Staaks and I started America Mushroom Services in January 2010.

We are active in the field of training and consulting for the whole mushroom industry.

Below you will find a short summary of what we can offer.




We offer a wide range of courses such as:

trainings for growers or assistant growers,

trainings for harvesting staff or supervisors

trainings for staff on compost yards phase 1, 2 or 3.



We offer consultancies for advice to the growers and compost makers, to achieve the maximum yield with the highest quality.

Because of the fact that the marges between cost price and retail prices are getting smaller, it is important to get the highest yield en the best quality, for a minimum of costs.

We also give advice to keep the costs price as low as possible.


Furthermore some information of my background in the mushroom industry.


1 januari 2010 until now independent advisor for the mushroom industry, growing and composting.

1 februari 2007 until 2010 Advisor and trainer, Growing and composting for C point.

1 oktober 2005 until februari 2007 starting up Myszkowiec Mushroom production. Poland. 19 rooms of each 800 m2.

2000-2005 Master grower v. Leeuwen Champignons Swolgen, The Netherlands. 14 rooms of each 400m2.

1999-2000 Starting up Atlantic Mushrooms Belmullet Ireland. 48 rooms of 350 m2 1995-1999 Grower and picking manager Heveco mushrooms. Horst, The Netherlands.

1985-1995 Owner and manager of Thei Staaks mushroom production. 10 rooms of each 200m2.

1978-1985 Grower, casing- and compost research phase 1,2 and 3 at the Research station for Mushrooms, Horst-America, The Netherlands.

1977-1978 Military duty.

1975-1977 Research assistant and grower at the Research Station for Mushrooms, Horst-America, The Netherlands. Department pest and disease.


If you are interested in our advice or want more information about our training program, please contact


Thei Staaks ‘’America Mushroom Services’’